From the day we launched the revolutionising Trusox, all the way back in September, they've been a massive success. They've made their entrance on probably the biggest stage of them all, the English Premier League and now you can get the greatly requested colourway, black. What is it that gets super-stars like Fellaini, Demba Ba and Gareth Bale to swear by these “super-socks”.

Trusox basically diminish one of the most common and persistent problems footballers face; sliding in your boots, which results in blisters and lessened exploitation of energy. Trusox are equipped with small none-slip pads, that improves traction between foot and sock, as well as sock and boot. This means you don't skid about inside your boot and you can therefore wave goodbye to the always annoying blisters.

We have updated our Trusox Campaign site, where you can find all the new socks, instructional videos and much more, so drop by and find out more about this groundbreaking product.

Trusox have already made a strong impression in Englands top flight, but it's not all the clubs and players, who've had the opportunity to enjoy the many advantages the socks brings. This is because F.A. rules and regulations dictate, that your socks must not differ from your team mates. This has for example been a problem for Newcastle, as Trusox only used to be available in white, but now that Trusox has landed in black, more players, among these Demba Ba and the two Ameobi-brothers, have been able to hop in the new socks.

We have all tried dealing with uncomfortable boots and the blisters that inevitably follow, but that's over now, because Trusox are in town. Normal football socks are commonly produced from Nylon, which has a very smooth surface, that is also very prone to strong and warm friction, especially when paired with a synthetic sole, you'll slide around your boot, which will ultimately give you numerous blisters. This is avoided by the none-slip pads, on the Trusox, as they give almost instant traction once you step into your boot, not only between boot and sock, but also between sock and foot.

To get maximal use out of your Trusox, it's important, that you cut the bottom of your game- and/or training sock, so that Trusox is the only thing you have in your boot. If you have a sock on the inside or outside of the Trusox, they loose their full effect. Should you be in doubt as to how this works, do not dispair, our Trusox campaignsite has an instruction video, that show you how to wear them like the pros.

As mentioned, the non-slip pads are both situated on the inside of the sock, as well as the outside of the Trusox and make sure, that you stand firm inside your boots. You won't loose momentum when you need to make a sharp turn, which can prove very valuable. Imagine your running on a polished floor with regular socks and suddenly need to change direction; that's not very easy and that's actually also what happens inside your football boots, but this won't happen when you use Trusox.

Trusox now comes in three variations, Cushion Pro, Cushion Pro long and Thin Light. The two first mentioned are the most padded and therefore most comfortable, and are also the ones most professional athletes use, as well as, being the ones we recommend for boots that have been broken in already. It's only the length, that seperates them, as the Cushion Pro's length resembles that of a Tennis sock and the Cushion Pro Long is as long as a regular football sock.

The third of the bunch, Thin Light, is a bit thinner and you therefore feel the none-slip panels a bit more, but we only recommend these for boots, that have yet to be broken into and haven't been softened and widened.

The new Trusox are already in stock and are ready for quick delivery. You can click by our Trusox campaign-site right here, where you can find instructional videos, reviews, all the different colours and the very necessary sock-tape.

Trusox have revolutionised the world of football and we are yet to meet anyone, who, after trying them, doesn't love them. They are here now in a new colourway, so even more people can benefit from them. Will you be getting a pair? Have you already tried Trusox? Share your comments down below.