The design of the NJR X Jordan Hypervenom inspired by Jordan V


Written by Jonathan Baez

Nike have just presented the result of a legendary collaboration between two icons from two sports. Hear about the thoughts behind it in this video.

If you haven't seen him perform in the NBA, you've probably heard about his Air Jordan collection with the iconic Jumpman logo. And if you, for some unexplainable reason, haven't heard about any of these pretty unavoidable things, surely you've watched Space Jam!? We are of course talking about Michael Jordan - one of the greatest sports personalities in the history - both on and off the court. And even though the Jordan brand doesn't need any kind of revival what so ever, Nike have just given the Jumpman a serious boost. And of course they've used one of the hottest names in the world of football, Neymar Jr.

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Michael Jordan set the standard for greatness. He’s an incredible competitor and a champion. I’ve always admired him, so to collaborate with him and have his icon on my boots means a great deal to me. Neymar Jr., Brazil & Barcelona.

The Neymar Jr. X Jordan collection or just the NJR X Jordan as Nike call the collaboration is a launch of a Jordan inspired Hypervenom Phantom II boots. More specifically the design is taken from the Jordan V, as Neymar Jr. picked out himself as the best design in his opinion. That and many other design thoughts is being presented in the video above. You can purchase the boots exclusively from Friday. This is a very unique launch, so you need to be quick, if you want a pair of these iconic boots.