The five best Nike EURO ads!


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Since 1994 Nike has warmed up for every major tournament with one epic advert after another. With focus on EURO ads, I now present my personal Top five of the best efforts ever.

One of the things I always look forward to ahead of every tournament is Nike’s adverts. Today Nike have released a trailer for this tournaments ad, and naturally CR7 takes center stage. While we wait for the full version to be introduced tomorrow, I’d like to rank my personal Top five list of the best EURO films so far.

5. MY TIME IS NOW (2012)

Probably the least memorable of the ads, if you compare to the others, but it’s still enough to bring a smile to my face when I watch it. If nothing else, it shows the full might of Nike’s roster of athletes with cameos from Neymar, Lebron James and Pep Guardiola.

4. OLÉ (2004)

Watching Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Figo and the rest of their team mates let loose, brought with it exactly what you might expect. Especially the tackle on R10 stands out from the ad.

3. GOOD VS EVIL (1996)

Cantona, Ronaldo, Kluivert – it was a golden age of football players and this ad was the first time Nike really took things to the next level. The special effects were in done in true 90ties style and the story became a true classic and an icon in the advertising business. I’m a massive fan!

2. THE MISSION (2000)

On a personal level this video was the reason for me spending quite a lot of time on the football pitch. Attempting to pull off the moves I saw Edgar Davids & Co. doing during “The Mission.” I was hooked from the very outset and it is so very close to being my favourite advert of all time. It’s also hilarious to see Louis van Gaal trying and failing horrendously at acting. Not sure what was worse - his performance for Nike or Manchester United…


If you ask me, this is the very best EURO advert of all time and if not for the epicness of “The Airport” this would also be the best Nike advert ever. The idea is genius and the execution exquisite. It does what Nike adverts do best and that is being extremely inspiring. Watching it instantly makes you want to go play football! I know that’s how I feel at least!