The Unisport EURO16 Boot Performance Lab | Finding the best boot


Written by Mathias

It’s finally time! EURO16 starts tonight and as a part of our focus on the tournament we have prepared something very, very special indeed. Ever wondered what the best performing boot is? Well now you can find out!

During EURO16 we will be collecting data on all boots on display and I’m not talking about the easy stats like goals and assists (we have all seen that before). We will be collecting every single stat we can possibly get our hands on. Everything from number of minutes played, total passes, fouls, freekicks won, dribbles and that’s only to name a few!

The entire engine will be powered by Opta Sports, who are the biggest and most respected football statistics site in the world and the information they will be feeding us, will be updated on our site every play of the way. Throughout the entire tournament the brands and individual boots will be competing for the top spots in their key stat parameters, because never before has such a detailed overview of the best performing boots been presented on such a large scale.

Explore the EURO16 Boot Performance Lab right here.

EURO16 Boot giveaways

In addition to it simply being interesting to see how the top range boots from Nike, adidas, New Balance, Umbro, PUMA and Under Armour are doing, the boots have also been given key stats that define them. The boots will be earning points towards reaching a set target and when they achieve their goal for the tournament, they unlock a giveaway on that specific boot. Even more reason to stay up to date on the site throughout the tournament to see when your favourite boots can be won!

The first game is about to kick off in Paris, and although our stat site currently reads zero across the board, that will change once the ball starts rolling and the statistics start rolling in. Remember to check in regularly to see how the giveaways are coming along and look forward to enjoying EURO16 as much as we will!

Explore the EURO16 Boot Performance Lab right here.