Unisport introduce Rinat to our range of goalkeeper gloves


Written by Mathias

It is with great pleasure that we can present a new name in our assortment of goalkeeper gloves. They are called Rinat, come from Mexico and you can read more about them here.

Mexico have for many years been known for their flamboyant goalkeeper culture. In the 1990’s they had Jorge Campos, who was probably best known for his iconic oversize goalkeeper kits in neon. Today the biggest Mexican goalkeeper name is Guillermo Ochoa, who played a couple of crazy games during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

With such a proud goalkeeping pedigree in the country, it therefore only makes sense that Mexico has its own brand too that knows how to create quality gloves. They have that in Rinat, who celebrate their 30th anniversary this year. The brand with the iconic number 1 on the top of the glove, has for many years been among the leading forces on the Middle- and South American glove market. A couple of years ago, they however started moving into Europe too, when they signed up keepers like Miguel Angel Moyá from Atletico Madrid and Sergio Rico from Sevilla.

The Rinat goalkeeper gloves are full of unique technologies and come in crazy designs like only the Mexicans could make them!

Buy your Rinat goalkeeper gloves right here.