New Balance Furon II Apex | Reaching the same 400 km/h as the falcon


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

You’re not someone until you have a Limited Edition. Maybe that’s why New Balance join the race with this Furon Apex Limited Edition.

There has been a group of guys over in America, who have had some serious brainstorming sessions to make sure they picked the perfect theme for their first ever Limited Edition boots. They ended up picking the falcon as the best idea, and with it they declare hunting season officially open!

The peregrine falcon is with its 150 Km/h known as one of the very fastest birds in the world. Famous for speed and agility, it is naturally a great way to symbolise the New Balance Furon II football boots, which knows everything about being fast.

It will be worn by Negredo and Jesus Navas, who have been selected to rock this Limited Edition. The question is will you be joining them?

You can buy the New Balance Furon II Apex right here.