Iconic boot returns | adidas launches Predator Edge LZ


Written by Sandra

10 years ago, adidas launched one of their most iconic boots ever. You probably remember it as the Beckham boot, but the real name is actually the adidas Predator LZ DB. Now adidas are back with a remake - read more about it here.

Beckham's sublime kicking technique and this boot was a match made in heaven, which made the boot absolutely iconic. Although Beckham can no longer be selected for the starting lineup, you can compete in the latest adidas Predator LZ DB.

After 10 years, the final one is back on the shelves and you can find it right here at Unisport. We only have it in a limited number, so now is the time to strike while it's still possible to get your hands on this iconic football boot - GET IT HERE!

Bend it like Beckham

With the names Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper as well as number 23 on the boot, Beckham made this boot even more unique than its already pink and white colours did. 10 years ago it was not as normal as today to have neither name, number, flag or likewise on boots. So once again, Beckham was before since time.

Did you know that you can add both name, flag or emoji on your football boot with UNiID - try it out here!

Take a look at the amazing boot in the pictures below and then we will talk about the boot underneath

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adidas Predator Edge LZ

The big difference between the boot 10 years ago and this launch is that the 2012 model was pink on the front and white and black around the heel. While on the 2022 edition it is the other way around. Here, the pink colour has been placed on the heel along with the three large stripes, but it is white in the front with pink stripes.

Burning hot boot

While you are burning off the pitches, you can at the same time go stylishly to the ball and place it right up in the corner - just like Beckham.

The gradient between pink and white is still super sharp even here 10 years after the first launch of the adidas Predator LZ DB. We love the new (old) expression in the colours, which helps to evoke all the good memories, and it also seem like you guys have not forgotten the iconic boots out there either.

We have already received several inquiries about the boot. It is burning hot, so we are very much looking forward to seeing it out there on the pitches during the spring.

Hurry up and grab your next pair of adidas limited edition Predator LZ DB right here!