adidas X Speedportal | Faster In All Dimensions


Written by Christian

What happens when adidas' fastest boot becomes even faster, actually so fast it will change dimension? Well, the answer is here, say hello to the new X Speedportal. Created for every position, the X Speedflow successor will be the perfect boot for everybody. Catch the X Speedportal and connect those quick feet to your quick thinking.

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adidas are ready to roll with an all-new speed boot, and while the new X Speedportal is the main attraction, it is actually part of the Game Data pack. Releasing three models; Copa Sense, Predator Edge and the brand new X Speedportal - adidas has something for everybody. And although you might hear this alot, these boots will make you stand out on pitch - just look at them.

X Speedportal

The X Speeportal have changed quite a bit from is predecessor X Speedflow. With the aim of taking everything the Speedflow was good at and make it better, the new Speedportal is everything you love from a adidas speed boot, just better. The boot will feature three big upgrades: Speedframe, Stability System and Speedskin.


The new Speedframe boasts a carbon fibre system soleplate, and while the Speedflow also had this, it has been upgraded. The new Carbitex insert has been deveolopt to have more energy return and responsiveness. This comes with a new stud pattern on the sole. To create quicker movement adidas have given the studs less of a bite. Paired with two new studs, the boots are still very stable on the pitch - with even greater responsiveness.

Stability Frame

For stability, adidas have created the StabilityWing and heel lock system, which has a carbon insert added to give you extra stability - and it does a good job locking the heel in. The new system will create a tight fitting boot, without restricting any movement in the foot. This creates the most stable speed boot from adidas ever, with feeling being weight down.


Born from the mold of X Speedflow, these boots will feel very similar to the predecessor. But with a bit more grip thanks to the silicone dots on the instep, the new Speedportal will be just a tad grippier. adidas have done that to create the perfect grip. Not too grippy nor too smooth - perfect for speed. This make this boot faster in all dimensions.

Buy the adidas X Speedportal here!