Unisport Header Challenge | Win big with adidas & Unisport


Written by Christian

Unisport and adidas have made this World Cups most fun game. The Unisport Header Challenge is both available on TikTok and Instagram - and with cool prizes from adidas every week there is no reason not to play it now. So challenge your friends & family and win a Official adidas World Cup 'Al Rihla Matchball

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Ever wondered if you could beat JayMike? Or maybe you were more interested in if you could beat a Premier League midfielder? Well, now it your chance for both. With Unisport Header Challenge you can both win big prizes and beat JayMike, Pierre Emile-Højbjerg and your friends - what not to like?

The rules are simple - make a score of 20, or above, and your are in the weekly draw of two adidas Football Al Rihla Pro World Cup 2022 Match Ball. We draw from both TikTok and Instagram. So take a look below how Danish International midfielder Pierre-Emile Højbjerg did, think you can beat him?

See the YouTube video with Pierre-Emile Højbjerg here!