The Unisport Tastemaker Program is live


Written by Sebastian

The Unisport Tastemaker Program is now live, and this is your chance to sign for the biggest football retailer in Europe.

The Unisport Tastemaker program is all about contributing to the football community by sharing valuable and informative insights helping fellow footballers make the right decisions to reach their dreams and goals.

Unisport is looking to sign passionate footballers on all levels. It doesn’t matter if you are pro, a rising star or just playing for fun with your friends - all that matters is your love and passion for the game of football.

As a Unisport Tastemaker you are offered an exclusive sponsorship with opportunities for free football equipment, seasonal discounts or unique football experiences. All we ask in return is your honest feedback on products through product reviews and a few posts on your social media account.

Read more about the Unisport Tastemaker Program and sign up