Become a monster in the box with Hypervenom


Written by Jonathan

Unisport Training is a new concept where we take you through some training drills to make you a better player. Now Luca is back with new tutorials and this time it’s all about becoming a monster in the box.

Are you dreaming of becoming the next Lewandowski or Aubameyang? Do you take you training serious and are willing to do what it takes to become the next big thing? Then let us be your little helper on your journey. Unisport Training is a new series that provide you the tools to train to become a better player. No matter what skills you’d like to improve, Unisport Training will try to help you out.

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In the first three videos it was all about becoming a better playmaker with a sharper touch, just like Andres Iniesta. Now, Luca has made three more videos this time inspired by the one and only Lewandowski. Yup, it’s time to become a monster in the box. Click play on the video and get inspired.

And oh, by the way. The training equipment used in the video is called the Munin M-Station and you can get it right here along a lot of other training equipment.