Joltter gives PureAgility Space Dust a run out


Written by Mathias

After being told that adidas had a new Messi 16+ PureAgility on the way, we immediately sent Joltter out to produce a Play Test. This is the result.

PureAgility is adidas’ football boot for the players, who master the agile moves and rapid twists. Just as Leo Messi has done for several years now. Joltter is a man who definitely knows how to display those same qualities and that’s why he is the perfect man to give a first impression of them. We won’t spoil the surprise, but neither the look or performance lets him down.

Watch Joltter’s Play Test of the new adidas Messi 16+ PureAgility “Space Dust” in the video at the top of this blog and judge whether you could see yourself in these puppies this winter.

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