PWG Freestyle tutorial | Learn "Abbas Around the World"


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

A lot of you have been wondering where he has been, but now PWG Freestyle is back in Unisport WebTV to introduce a new tutorial for you. The difficulty level just got stepped up, so pay close attention!

For the last few months PWG has been working hard, and we mean seriously HARD, on his skills, in preparation for the Freestyle World Championship. (Congratulations on the medal!) Now he is back in freezing Copenhagen and ready to teach you some more of his magic tricks in his Unisport Freestyle tutorials.

This time round it’s the “Abbas Around the World”, which is pretty steep step up in difficulty from the tricks he left off on. In fact, the moves from here on in are so hard that we have decided to drop JayMike, because the training and dedication to learn these moves will simply take too much time away from all the other videos he has to make. We still maintain that if you really you want to and practise hard, then you too can get the hang of these moves in our tutorials.

If you want to get your hands on some of the adidas training gear PWG wears here, then you can find it all here. Including that epic Z.N.E. hoodie!