Weekly boot spots | The fight for the Hypervenom throne is open


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

It has been an eventful weekend of football with plenty of goals and big games. There has also been plenty of new boots on display and that is what we take a closer look at here.

Neymar Jr. (Barcelona) - Nike Mercurial Vapor XI Dark Lightning Pack

This news has been underway for so long that by now it is hardly news really. All the same it is probably the most interesting boot spots from the weekend. Neymar Jr. is now officially a Mercurial players again, after being the Nike Hypervenom front figure since 2013. We actually delivered a pair of the Nike Mercurial boots to him and he in return signed a pair for us, which you can now win.

Find out how you can win the signed Neymar football boots here.

Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) - Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Dark Lightning Anti-Clog

Another very interesting spot from the same game, but opposite team. The man who broke a lot of hearts in Barcelona last Saturday, Sergio Ramos, looks to be back in the Nike fold, after having worn the adidas X for quite a while. Worth noting is also that Ramos has picked up the Anti-Clog version. A still fairly new innovation, which is yet to really cement itself.

Timo Werner (RB Leipzig) – adidas 16+ PureAgility Red Limit Pack

In Germany a group of relatively unknown footballers continue to run around and create headlines. This season’s worldwide football sensation look like they are on the fast track to “pulling a Leiciester” and currently sit top of the Bundesliga in December. Timo Werner, who recently had the honour of being “Backed by Messi” has been flourishing and wears the adidas Messi 16+ PureAgility.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Dortmund) – Nike Hypervenom Phantom Dark Lightning Pack

Now that the Hypervenom is in need of a new front figure, who will take over the heavy mantle left behind? If he didn’t have the same “problem” as Neymar, which is an unerring love for the Mercurial boot, then Aubameyang would be strong candidate. He certainly knocks in goals for fun, which is what a true Hypervenom player should. Interesting to follow.

Enner Valencia (Everton) - Nike Mercurial Vapor XI Elite Pack

Enner Valencia will probably never be the front figure for any boot silo. Instead he runs his own show and plays in whatever he likes. The Elite Pack was intended only for 11 chosen players from Nike, but Valencia doesn’t care much for that and has decided to rock them all the same. A rare sight in the Premier League these days.

Bruno Pinatares (Western Sydney Wanderers) – Umbro Medusæ

Umbro recently released their hilarious “Pepe’s got new boots” video, which you can see on our Facebook by the way (Shameless plug). However, since he didn’t feature in El Clasico we have picked out another Medusæ player, who wore the still epic grenadine colourway.