Call out penalties with Champions League GK - Episode 8 | Christmas in Unisport


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Time for another challenge in Christmas in Unisport and for this one we have brought in some help. Call-out penalties, which as you might expect end up in complete and utter chaos.

Even though it might have been just as big a challenge for Joltter and Jakob to do it without a goalkeeper, we still brought in some help for today’s episode. Our Goalkeeper expert from @unisportgoalkeepers on Instagram, who plays Champions League football for Brøndby, was tasked with the merciless job of saving the entirely random penalties from our WebTV duo. (JayMike cheated)

Watch the video at the top of this blog and see who wins the challenge, where Joltter even “pulls off” a panenka.

If you want help finding the perfect football gifts this Christmas, then we have made it easy on our special Christmas in Unisport site here.