Nike 'Strike Night' | World's best strikers go head to head at live event!


Written by Jacob

A collection of the world's best strikers. London. The Nike Hypervenom Black Pack colourway. Mix it all up with a Facebook Live Stream (Link to stream in this blog) and what do you get? A brand new concept called Strike Night.

This Monday we had the pleasure of welcoming the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 'Strike Night' football boot to the boot market, but our introduction was just a formality. The real introduction is now, as Nike take matters into their own hands by hosting an exclusive event in London, featuring the new Hypervenom Black Pack as the main attraction. Add eight of the world's best strikers and a knockout tournament based on finishing skills and you've got what Nike call Strike Night.

In essence, the Nike Strike Night is a knockout tournament in which the contestants are eight of the world's most lethal strikers; Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, André Silva, Jesus Corona, Christian Benteke and Mauro Icardi. All of the players will lace up in the latest installment of the Nike Hypervenom 3 - the Black Pack colourway - and go head-to-head in a finishing competition set up by Nike. Best part of it? You can watch it live right here on this page, as it will stream it live from Facebook below!

This will also be our first glimpse at what the new Nike Hypervenom 3 Black Pack looks like on-feet and that is always interesting to see. We've already sent Joltter ahead to cover the event from the sidelines and you should keep your eyes peeled to see if you can catch a glimpse or two of him. Furthermore, if you're not already following us on Snapchat, where have you been? You should definitely begin to do so now, as there will be plenty of live updates on there from Joltter!

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