Reusch Re:load Camou | Be Commander!


Written by Katrine Abel

Reusch present another splendid launch in the Re:load Camou. It's merely a colour update, but what an update.

Reusch is one of the leading glove specialists on the market. They may not launch new products quite as often as some other brands, but every time Reusch launch a new glove, you can be absolutely sure that you get the best quality available.
Reusch not only care about the design of the gloves. Reusch strive to make sure they are first movers on the newest technologies for goalkeeper gloves. The new Reusch Re:load Camou launch is no exception.

The new Reusch Re:load Camou Deluxe G2 come both with and without Ortho-Tec finger protection. As always with Reusch, you can remove the finger protection shields individually if you only need protection on some fingers. The latex is made from Reusch' G2 Ultrasoft latex, which has an outstanding grip. The palm is equipped with the Ergonomic Palm Embossing which support the natural grasping movement of the hand. This gives a maximum ball control with amazing grip qualities.
The gloves are equipped with a Rolled Expanse Cut, which is Reusch' term for a Rolled Flat Cut. This means that the gloves have flat cut on all fingers except from the Thumb that is a combinated Flat and Roll Finger Cut.

The Reusch Re:load Camou Deluxe G2 are among the absolute best gloves at the moment, and the design is just stunning. However, if you prefer or need a less expensive glove, Reusch also launch the new Re:load Prime S1. They are equipped with Reusch' Super Soft Latex, have Expanse Cut (Flat Cut) and come at a reasonable price.

Order your pair of Re:load Camou Deluxe G2 and prepare to command the game