Homie Touzani Around the World tutorial - Learn freestyle with Unisport and PWG


Written by Timo

He has been away for the Freestyle World Championship, but now that he is back the tutorials are coming thick and fast. Learn the latest trick in our video guide above.

For the first time in our series of Freestyle tutorials, we have ditched JayMike. The time had come for him to bow out and now it will only be PWG giving you advice. This does also mean the difficulty level will be higher from here on in. However, that it will get harder from here doesn’t mean you can’t land the moves, because with the four tips and hours of training you will make it happen!

The video also has a giveaway, so keep your eyes out for that one and win a free pair of Nike FootballX shoes. Basically this Homie Touzani Around the World freestyle tutorial is unmissable, so you should definitely watch it at the top of this page.

If you feel like picking up some of the gear PWG is wearing in the video, then find it right here.