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Written by Sandra

It’s time for something new, something new for the GOAT himself. A signature boot. Let’s see what adidas came up with this time.

Now that Messi has moved to PSG, he had to have some new signature boots to match the colours of his new kit. And this is not just yet another signature boot, it has something special about it and it’s the latest generation of the X Speedflow, let’s see what adidas have in stores for us.

X Speedflow Messi Unparalleled

As mentioned above, Messi’s new boots are his first signature boots based on the latest generation of X Speedflow. The boots are named Unparalleled as no one can compare to the GOAT.

Beyond 99 - Messi 100

A striking look for one of the best footballers in history. The only 100 out there. The boots combine the colours purple, pink and yellow. The outstanding element is an all-over Messi print in a classic retro-futuristic look. The boots are filled with the text "100 Messi" on the upper, which also features an adidas logo as well as the speed of light, ‘299 792 458 meters per second’. Messi is and will continue to be the GOAT, always being at 100.

Maybe you’ve noticed that these signature boots have something you’ve seen before, but instead of the text ‘100’ you’ve seen the text ‘99’ and that’s correct. The ‘99’ text is an overall theme in the Numbers UP pack that adidas launched just a few days ago. Could there be a connection between the two? Maybe. While wondering, take a look at the beauty beneath.

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