Unisport create our own simple size guide for ALL boots


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Here at Unisport we are constantly trying to improve our site, so your customer experience is better. We have now put in massive work to bring another improvement that we are absolutely certain you will love.

Size guides when buying football boots have always been a bit fluffy and hard to figure out, which led to people buying the wrong size, especially in kids sizes. This has been the case on our site, the brands own site and our competitors site, because everyone got their data from the same system, which time has shown isn’t entirely accurate. That just won’t do for us and that’s why we sent one of our most trusted customer service employee’s to the warehouse with the rather insane and very daunting task of manually measuring every unique boot model on our site (Shoutout Mikkel).

Yes, you read that right, we actually asked someone to measure all models, all stud-configurations and all sizes, and in case you’re wondering, that’s roughly 3380 different pairs of football boots. For some of the larger boot silos like the Nike Mercurial, it took upwards of two days for that collection alone. However, now that we have the entire base covered, we will only need to measure new silos launched and you can therefore be absolutely certain that you can always find your right size on Unisportstore.com.

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When you click the “Size Guide” button on any piece of footwear, you will now see the measurements of every size and also a step by step guide to how to easily apply the guide. It’s dead simple and a great way to always make sure you get the boot of your dreams and can put it to good use, without having to exchange it for a different size.

All there is left to say is go explore the boots and if you find something you fancy, then test out the guide!

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