adidas Predator

Get your adidas Predator footballs boots here! The iconic adidas Predator is back; it's here to stay and it's here to grant you full control of the game. The adidas Predator has established itself as one of the greatest football boots ever to be made and now it's making a comeback. The new adidas Predator incorporates modern technologies with true Predator heritage to provide you with the ultimate control boot. Buy your new adidas Predator footballs boots online at today.

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Designed for the players who move with agility and speed, the adidas Predator line of football boots provides a lightweight boot with excellent gripping. From attackers to goalies and every position in between, adidas Predator football boots has been seen and used in every part of the professional field.

The biggest highlight in the Predator football boots from adidas is in the technology. In particular, the forefront of the boot that has been designed with the patented Predator setup that gives the boot better ball contact, serve and power. The edges help players control the ball with unique textures that provide better traction with the right amount of grip that will not impeded powerful kicks and maneuvers.

David Beckham put the adidas Predator on the map and now it’s time for the new generation to carry on the legacy. When you are looking for football boots for ball control and shot precision, adidas Predator football boots is great choice. Predator football boots gives you perfect control over the ball. No matter if you are going to shoot, pass, dribble or make a perfect cross, the adidas Predator will help you to do it brilliantly.

The first adidas Predator launched in 1994 and ever since the boots has been on a continuing journey like no other football boots. They quickly got recognised and associated with their ball curving elements that often consisted of protrusive rubber parts. The shot improving characteristics still lives on together with strive of constant innovation and improvement. In addition to adding more curve to the shoot, adidas Predator helps with several other crucial elements associated with modern football. Try it yourself to see if adidas Predator football boots can take your game to the next level.