Sport Sandals

Welcome to our big selection of sport sandals, also known as flip flops. Let’s start out with a bit of history. The word sandal is of Greek origin. The oldest known sandals were discovered more than 10.000 years ago, but back then the material was of another kind – luckily for us, sports sandals has, like more or less everything else, been through an extreme development.

The material of sandals is not the only thing that has changed. Also people's perception towards wearing sport sandals has changed drastically. Not that long ago, people only wear sandals due to the comfort it brings, but now a days, sport sandals are also used as a fashion statement. And at Unisport, we totally understand that trend. Wearing sandals, both with or without socks, brings up a feeling of comfort mixed with a sporty and cool look. If you agree, we think you reached the perfect destination on the Internet.

Unisport offer you a crazy big selection of sports sandals from some of the biggest and hottest sport brands in the world.

Nike sandals

Our selection of Nike sandals consists of the Nike Slide Kawa Shower, the Nike Slide Benassi JDI, The Nike Benassi Solarsoft and the Nike Kawa Shower. Black and white are definitely the most common colourways, but for those who dare, it is also possible to get the colourways of Black/red/White and Midnight Navy/White. Even though the colourways vary from model to model, we can promise, that the high comfort stays the same for all our Nike sandals. The slides of the sandals are made with a massaging sole, which together with the Phylon mid sole offers you fantastic comfort. Moreover, the soles are designed to drain the water from the sandals. Lastly, we if course offer Nike sandals to both kids and adults. See our wide selection and get your Nike sandals at Unisport today.

adidas sandals

The selection of adidas sandals consists of the adidas Slides Duramo, and the adidas Slide Aqualette Cloudfoam. While the Duramo comes in the two colourways Black/White, and in Core black, the Slide Aqualette comes in black with a white adidas logo printed on top and a white sole. Looking into the materials, the adidas sandals has a soft EVA upper, and EVA in the mid sole which gives a better shock absorption. Lastly, the adidas sandals are offered to both kids and adults. See our wide selection of adidas sandals and get your pair today.

H2O sandals

Introducing the H2O sandals. H2O is a Danish brand which specializes in creating products with a high comfort, and H2O are probably also one of the brands who provides most comfort when it comes to sport sandals. Our selection consists of the H2O Slides Velcro, and the H2O Slides Sport. The two colourways offered are Black/White and Navy/Multicolour. The biggest difference between the two models are the slides, as H2O offers hard slides and slides with a velcro strap. The Velcro strap makes it possible to adjust the slide, providing a personal and perfect fit for all type of feet’s.

Hummel sandals

Hummel is another famous Danish brand, who among other, has been the main sponsor of the Danish National Football Team for many years. Hummel stands for quality, and comfortness and are famous for their logo which is designed with stripes made of arrows. Our selection consists of the Hummel Slide Larsen, the Slide Jensen and the Sport Slide. Like Nike sandals, Hummel also uses EVA . When it comes to the colourways, Hummel, like the other brands, mainly plays it save with black/white. However, Hummel also dare a bit, with the colourway of the Hummel Sport Slide, which comes in a grey upper and a water blue sole. We hope you enjoyed our little Tour de Sport Sandals - Now, all you have to do is pick your favorite sport sandals. Unisport guarantees high quality, low prices and fast delivery.