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Nanostars football toys

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What is Nanostars?

Nanostars is so much more than just a regular football toy. Nanostars allow you to use your imagination, fantasy, and creativity while being extremely fun and playful at the same time. With Nanostars you can become the football manager you always wanted to be, and what’s even better, you become the football manager of some of the biggest and most famous football clubs in the world. Among others, can be mentioned, clubs like Real Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester City. Nanostars even offer you the opportunity to build your own football pitch, and play football with football minifigures from your favorite club. The football pitch includes 250 blocks, one football pitch, two goals, two goalkeepers and one referee.

Nanostars, compatible with Lego

Nanostars is not the same as Lego, even though it is very similar. The idea and concept behind Nanostars is the same as Lego, as both toys are construction toys where you build and constructs playable objects using blocks. Even though Nanostars and Lego is not exactly the same, you can still play with both toys at the same time. Nanostars blocks even fits to some extend the Lego blocks, which is a super nice feature, especially if you already have Lego in your assortment of football toys.

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