Unisport WebTV: Joltter takes on Rome in the new Elastico Superfly

It seems fair to name Joltter a citizen of the world. There is hardly a place left where our technically skilled football magician hasn't been, and now he can also check Rome on the list. We sent him to the city of Rome in connection with the launch of the new Elastico Superfly, and the theme was evident as soon as he landed in Rome: Football, football, football...

A few weeks ago, when Nike held their Innovation Summit in Rome, they did it big. As well as an exhibit with the latest innovations from Nike, including the new Elastico Superfly, they also had numerous exciting activities going on; all with a common focus: Playing a lot of football.

You can do the business on all surfaces with the Elastico Superfly IC or TF. Pre-order right here.

And Joltter kicked things off by taking part in a round of small sided football in the perfect urban spot. Located under a bridge right in the heart of Rome was a nice little street court, where he and all the other media people and YouTubers like Freekickerz and SkillTwins could show off the best skills in the new Elastico Superfly.

And even if it wasn't easy to get the guys to leave the street court, Nike did manage to have their guests transported to the AS Roma training grounds, where the latest colour updates for the four silos where waiting to be tested. That wasn't all, because after their training, a couple of the AS Roma players stopped by, including Ashley Cole, who was lucky enough to get a selfie with Joltter.

All together, the experience in Rome was truly #Unisportlife, and Joltter enjoyed every single minute of the trip. Moreover, the new Superfly Elastico managed to really impress him.

You can do the business on all surfaces with the Elastico Superfly IC or TF. Pre-order right here.


Another #Unisportlife dream has been lived and we have of course made sure to capture it all, so we can share it with you. What #Unisportlife dreams do you have, and where do you think we should travel to next?