Christmas in Unisport 11. December - Freestyle MADNESS!

Christmas is flying by and the WebTV crew are going at full throttle, trying bringing you some quality football entertainment. Since he joined our group of hosts, PWG has been trying to teach freestyle-trainwreck JayMike a few of the simplest trick, which you have been able to keep up to date with. In today’s episode of Christmas In Unisport he had another trick for Jakob, only this time, the trick was a little out of most people’s league…

It’s quite amusing to see the look on JayMike’s face, when PWG springs the freestyle trick on him. Turns out there are only about 3-4 people in the world who can do it, so for a novice like Jakob this was never going to end well. The trick completely blows my mind and I’m pretty sure it will blow yours too.

PWG is undoubtedly one of the world’s most talented freestylers and just proves how good he is right here. We usually tell people to send videos of them learning the tricks on Instagram, but if you can pull this one off, then quit your day job and become a full-time freestyler.