Nike Air Max

If you have just now discovered the Nike Air Max series and the whole Nike Air technology, then it has taken you a few years. Nike already introduced the special shock absorption technology as much as 35 years ago. It was launched into the market in 1979, and since then the Nike Airs series has certainly been picking up speed. This has resulted in, among other things, the Nike Air Max model. A cool shoe that you don't have to look for a long time, before you feel like buying it.

The Nike Air Max model first saw the light of day back in 1987, and since then, quite a lot has happened. The model was surely game changing as it hit the market for almost 30 years ago, and it is also the recognisable and unique design that has enabled it to maintain it presence in the market. Today, it is clearly one of the best selling Nike sneakers throughout history, and it seems that the popularity of the Air Max model will continue for many years to come. It is approaching its 30 year anniversary, and alone being able to stay on top of the market for thirty years, says a lot about this special shoe.

Therefore, we here at Unisportstore, are happy to be able to present it in our shop. We have a broad selection of the Nike Air Max model, so you stand a good chance of finding a model matches you and your style perfectly. And once you have placed your order for your new pair of shoes, we will do our very best to ensure that you will receive the shoe is fast as possible. Shipping is just 6 Euro within the EU, and just 20 Euro outside of the EU and worldwide; so we are doing our very best to make is as attractive as possible for you to buy a new pair of Nike Air Max.

This model has been produced in numerous versions and colourways, and new models are often launched into the market. So if you are ever looking to get a hold of a new pair, please stop by and check if we have gotten some new models in stock. Hereby, you can keep up with the fashion and always wear the latest Nike Air Max sneakers.

The Air Max model stands out amongst a lot of the other Nike sneakers on the market. This will also become evident as you take a look at the sole, where you will see this shock absorption technology that has been implemented in this shoe. You will have a very solid shock absorption in a pair of Nike Air Max shoes, which makes them very comfortable for your feet to wear. You will feel more comfort as you feet touches the ground and you will not feel shocks coming through your legs. The shoe will absorb a lot of the power, and relieve you muscles from overload.

However, you should not see the Nike Air Max model as a running shoe as such. It is not created to be a running shoe, and unfortunately some people think that it is a running shoe. The Air Max Model is to be regarded as an everyday sneaker or for a game of basketball with your friends. For that it is perfect. But we cannot recommend using the Nike Air Max shoe for longer runs. Then you would do more harm than good to your feet, which would be a shame. You wanna use this model in your everyday, and then find another model for running. For example, you could go for a pair of Nike Free or Nike Roshe Run, which we also have here at Unisportstore.

Still, you should not be worried to engage in a game of street basket with your friends, or running for the bus. With the iconic sole, the shoe is unfortunately just not built to be a running shoe, so for that purpose you will need to get a hold of another shoe. If you are looking to combine an everyday shoe and a shoe for running in one and the same shoe, then you want to check out our huge Nike Free selection. Here you will find that exact combination that you are looking for. A cool pair of sneakers, that are also well suitable for both everyday and leisure use, and yet also a pair of running shoes with an excellent fit.

But in case it is the Nike Air Max model that you have fallen for, then that is of course the one you should have. On this page you will find our selection of the shoe, and you are always more than welcome to order your new pair here with us at Unisportstore. We will ensure a fast delivery, and it is easy for you. Maybe today is the day for you to throw out those old shoes and order a new pair of super cool Nike Air Max.

A pair of Nike air Max can also be the ideal present, maybe for Christmas or as a birthday present; if you know someone who would look super cool in such a pair. Maybe you boyfriend/girlfriend deserves a new pair of shoes. Or maybe you son has worn down his and need a new pair of sneakers. In these cases an pair of Nike Air Max will be an obvious choice; and you can sure that the receiver will be happy.

Make sure to check out our huge selection, and see if you can find your new pair of sneakers.