Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions is applicable to all purchases on unisportstore.com - any violation or attempt to violating the terms and conditions may result in your order being cancelled. In severe cases, we reserve the right to block you from placing future orders.

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When shopping on Unisportstore.com, you must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the purchase and have access to a valid method of payment. All references to time on our website, is to be considered CE(S)T.

Consumer sales

Unisportstore.com only deals on the consumer market, operating under the Danish consumer agreement law. Shipping prices shown online is only valid for consumer purchases. In case your order is not considered a consumer purchase, shipping prices shown online is not applicable and you will be faced with additional charges. This extra charge is fixed, and covers extra handling, packaging and declaration etc. The extra charge is a fixed amount, and can not be negotiated, challenged or otherwise changed. Consumer purchase may only contain items that is strictly for your own personal use.

Any one order may be subject to both automatic and manual reviews, including review of but not limited to: purchase frequency, sizes and items bought, quantity and more.

Unisportstore does not accept orders designed for resale. Should we at any time suspect that any order is not intended for strictly personal consumer use or suspect it is to be used for commercial purposes, we reserve the right to cancel the order or contact your regarding an added shipping cost.

Limited edition

For all items marked as limited edition or items named (at least partly) as limited edition, there will always be a standard limit of 1 (one) piece per customer/address/order. This is non-negotiable. The address may be but is not limited to: offline and online addresses, such as postal address, email address, ip address. If we find that any one order violates the limit, we reserve the right to cancel all connected orders. In severe cases we reserve the right to block the customer from placing future orders. Additionally you are not allowed to use any sort of discount coupon or discount voucher on limited editions, without permission from Unisport.

Payment, delivery and customs fees

We only accept these online payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club and PayPal. Also, we do not accept payment upon delivery under any circumstance. Fees may apply from your bank and/or card issuer. Also the list of available payment methods may change without prior notice.

Full amount is not charged until the time of dispatch. If you have ordered personalisation, the full amount will be charged when we start printing.

All prices are listed in Euro, both with and without VAT. To the item price, shipping fee must be added. Customers living outside the European Union do not pay VAT (Value added taxes), which is automatically deducted at the checkout. Customers living outside the European Union may be required to pay customs or import duties when parcels reach the destination country. These charges must be paid in full by the recipient of the parcel. Customs and import duties vary widely from country to country, and we are therefore not able to inform you of specific charges for your country.

Some European regions is exempted from paying EU VAT, due to political reasons. Most of these can have VAT deducted automatically, however not for all. Customers living in these regions may be required to pay customs or import duties when parcels reach the destination country. These charges must be paid in full by the recipient of the parcel.

Customs and import duties vary widely from country to country, and we are therefore not able to inform you of specific charges for your country.

The customer takes full liability for all postal charges, return shipping costs, customs charges and handling fees. Should they refuse to accept a parcel due to import duties taxes or other reasons, then Unisport reserve the right to deduct our return expenses from the refund. In case the return expenses is higher than the order value, no refund will be done. If Unisport were to receive any later charges on the delivery, then Unisport reserve the right to charge your selected payment.

Should any one customer decide to use a forwarding company, the customer thereby accepts that Unisport's and its partners responsibility for the parcel and delivery ends when the parcel has been delivered to address of the forwarding company.

Unisport and its partners does not accept any liability regarding issues on delivery, that is caused by actions by any third party - such as these, but not limited to: information provided by customer, regulations and laws or local circumstances. Should Unisport or its partners receive any charges regarding the above mentioned, we reserve the right to charge customer.

Delivery times listed online should only serve as general guidance, and not as guaranteed delivery times. Also delivery time is counted from the time shipping starts, not from the time an order is placed. Within EU, delivery is usually expected to be 3-5 working days. Delivery outside EU, is expected to be 5-7 working days. Delivery times are expected, and is not guaranteed. Busy seasons and local circumstances may influence on delivery times - this could fx. be customs handling, local holidays etc. Choosing personalisation adds a minimum of 1-2 working days to your expected delivery time.

Shipping fees

As Unisportstore.com only operates within the business to consumer market, our prices (incl. shipping fees) are based on our customers buying only for their own personal use. The standard shipping fee is based on any one order being able to fit into one of our standard sized shipping boxes. Any one order that requires a larger shipping shipping box, depending on the size and weight of the box required, may be subject to an additional shipping fee by the courier, which will be payable by the customer.

The paid shipping fee is for one (1) delivery only. Any failed delivery that is caused by the customer, requires a new shipping fee to be paid. Likewise if the mistake is on Unisport or one of our connected partners, we will cover a the required fee.

Fraud prevention

To help prevent payment fraud, we may contact you and request additional information - in case we or our payment provider would have any concerns regarding your order. The additional information may be, but not limited to, proof of billing and/or delivery address. We will not cancel or not accept an order without contacting you, unless we are certain the order was was not genuinely placed by the card/account holder.

Credit card and account fraud is illegal, and we will in all cases work and cooperate with all relevant domestic and international law enforcement agencies to prevent and prosecute all fraudulent visitors.

If you have any questions about our fraud prevention methods, please contact support@unisportstore.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Right to return

You always have the right to return any item without cause, within 30 days from purchase. The 30 days counts from the date when you or someone else, receives the delivery. If the 30 day time period ends on a holiday, saturday or sunday the time is extended to the first coming weekday.

Special conditions regarding personalised items

Products that have been personalised with printing either on the back or front (including sleeve patches) and footwear/gloves with embroidery/printing can not be exchanged or returned. We receive all items with no printing or embroidery, and it is therefore considered a personalisation of a product as soon as it is being printed or embroidered. The right to return is lost as soon as Unisport A/S starts printing or embroidering a product in order to meet the specific needs of a customer; see the Danish consumer agreement law §18, part 3.

Regarding printing on shirts, the drop down bar, when ordering, should only be regarded as a guide to which numbers and names the specific players will be wearing. For a lot of the shirts we can offer the very original printing. If this is the case the player's name will be marked (Original). If we offer "own print" with original printing, "own print" will be marked (Original). To avoid any doubt, we emphasise that, if the name is NOT marked (Original), the print that will be applied will be a standard print which is not the original print.

Please note that player numbers is often changed before the beginning of a season or a tournament. Therefore, there is no guarantee that a print we offer will be used by a club or national team before the official players and printing lists are handed to the football associations.In some rare cases players and clubs may even change numbers during season and/or tournament. We will keep our listing as updates as possible, but Unisport can not take responsibility for mid-season or mid-tournament changes.

You will lose your right to return if breaking the seal on items, that due to health or hygienic reasons is unsuitable for return. This is the case for items such as energy bars, protein powder and etc.

How to use you right to return

If you want to use your right to return, you can send us a letter, an email or call us by phone. Please do list what you are returning.

We consider the 30 days limit upheld, if you inform us of decision to use your right within the 30 days. Also, the parcel must be sent directly to our address as stated above. Return deliveries made to a parcel shop or similar, can not be accepted.

Returning and return costs

If you want to return an item, you must send it to the following address:

You must send the item to us within 14 days from informing us of you wishing to return. When using your right to return, you are responsible for any return costs.

Refunding payment

When using your right to return, you have to include a copy of the order confirmation. This is not an absolute requirement, but the handling time will be faster if you fill out our form on the invoice. We will reimburse you for the money you have paid us. The amount will we transferred to the credit card you have used for your purchase or to you bank account as soon as we have received the returned item and ensured that it meets our rules for returns. The only cost for you when returning/regretting an order is the delivery cost for returning the item to us.

We will always process such a reimbursement or refund to the same method payment, as you used when paying for the order - unless we have clearly agreed to do otherwise.

The amount will be transferred to the credit card you have used for your purchase or to your bank account as soon as we have received the returned item and ensured that it meets our rules for returns. Please note, we do not accept packages sent cash on delivery (COD).

Test of fit and packaging

When returning an item, you will only be liable to cover any loss in value that may be caused by any other handling being beyond what is necessary to establish the condition, fit and the function of the item.

You are allowed to examine the item, the same way you are allowed to and possible when shopping in a physical store - but you may not in anyway start using the product. If you have started using the item, or have tested it out in a way that is beyond what is expected from a physical shop, and we can not re-sell it or not sell it at full value, you must expect us to reduce your refund with the loss of value. If the item has fully lost any value, we will not refund you.

When returning any item, you are obliged to ensure the item is safely wrapped. You bear all risk for the parcel and the items, until we receive it. We advise you to ask for a receipt when returning, and if possible track and trace information.


If upon buying an item from us, and you find it being faulty - for example defective material and production defects - the consumer agreement law is applicable. You have 24 months of warranty on any item bought from us, as stated in the Danish consumer agreement law. If you wish to execute your right to make claim, you must contact us on the following:

When you return an item we need you to inform us about the issue in as much detail as possible. Also, you must inform us of your order number related to the item, as well as your contact information.

If the return is justified we will, of course, reimburse you for your reasonable delivery costs. Remember to always send the package in protective packaging, and get a receipt for shipment, so we can reimburse your reasonable shipping costs.

You have to return within reasonable time after you have noticed the defect regarding the item. If you return within two months after you notice the defect, the return will always be considered within reasonable time. However, you must stop using the item as soon as you notice a defect. Otherwise we will not be able to properly asses the case.

When purchasing a pair of football boots and shoes, it is important to notice what type of pitch they are intended for - fx firm grass, turf or artificial grass. Furthermore it is noted in the item description, the invoice and the item packaging. Failure to use the item on the pitch it is intended for, may result in the claim being rejected.


For all footwear Unisport uses at least two out of three major sizings at anyone time: EU, UK and US. Any piece of footwear will always list EU plus either US or UK. The conversion between the three sizings, is complicated and may vary depending on brand. We therefore always encourage customer to consult either the manufacturer's official size chart. Or to contact Unisport Support for size guidance. This is important as return and exchange of any items, is not something Unisport covers.

Boot bags

Usually any boot and box, will include a boot bag. However, the manufactures can not guarantee all boxes include a boot bag. Therefore, Unisport can not guarantee it either. Neither is a bootbag considered essential for the functioning of the shoes or boots. A bootbag is therefore not considered an integral part of the product.

Stock, sold outs and other

We take great pride in delivering any order in accurate manner, as requested by any customer. However, in a few rare cases we may notice an error on our stock count. Whenever we notice such, we will take needed precautions to correct the stock. This does in a few situations cause an already placed order or item, to become sold out after being placed. These situations can not be completely eliminated, but we do our best to keep them to a minimum. We will naturally always assist in finding an alternative product, of same or lower price.

Information about complaints

Any complaint with an item or a service provided by us, can be sent to:

The EU Commission online dispute resolution portal may also be used, when wanting to file a complaint. It is particular relevant for those living in another EU country. Your complaint may be filed here - http://ec.europa.eu/odr. When filing a complaint use this email address: support@unisportstore.com.

However we do always recommend that you get in touch with us, whenever you have a complaint. And we will do our utmost best to solve it.

Updated: 19/06/2018