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G48 Grip Socks - Blue

 g48 grip socks - blue - football socks
 g48 grip socks - blue - football socks
 g48 grip socks - blue - football socks
Product number: 164739
Style: G48004 / 7-G4804 / G48 Blå
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G48 Grip Socks - Blue

Looking for a way to minimize slipping inside your boots? Look no further. G48 socks is the choice for you, as they prevent any friction and slipping.

Fitted with the Premgripp tech to prevent slipping, which best can be described as a small silicone dots on strategic places of the sock. Creating an efficient grip, that keeps you locked in. Therefore your feet can no longer slip around, keeping them effectively in place for a more efficient strike, pass or score.

Elastic material for less restriction, both in match and practice. It is important that you pick the right size.

Machine washable at max 40 degrees, no dryer.

Made from 70% cotton, 20% nylon and 10% spandex.