AG Football boots

In recent years the brands has dedicated more focus to boots designed for artificial grass. With the numbers of artificial grass pitches on the rise, all over the world this is no surprise. It used to be quite difficult to find a decent pair of boots, that could be used on artificial grass. But now you can find almost any boot in an AG version. All the popular Nike models (Magista, Mercurial, Hypervenom, Tiempo) is available in AG models. But not only Nike makes boot for artificial grass, also adidas has joined the game. Actually adidas makes boots with studs, that is designed for both natural grass and artificial grass. Even PUMA has AG versions of the evoSPEED and evoPOWER. So the choice has grown exponentially in recent years. You no longer need to worry about being able to find a decent AG boot - the brand's got you covered.

Football boots designed for artificial grass is often shortened and or labelled AG

Why is it important to use AG boots on AG surfaces?

First of all: AG surfaces is significantly harder than natural grass, resulting in increased wear and tear on the boots. AG boots is designed to be able to withstand this increased tension - especially resistant to the damage rubber granules may cause to your boot. Also, the AG stud configuration protects your joints from the increased levels of tension - reducing the risk of injuries. Least but not last, if you use a pair of boots designed for natural grass on a AG surface, you void your warranty - so always choose an AG boot, if you play on AG

But what is the difference between FG and AG?

The biggest and most noticeable difference is the studs. On AG boots they are much shorter and can be found in higher quantities. This is evenly distribute the high levels of tension. They are shorter as it is not necessary to penetrate the soil, like on natural grass. As mentioned above, AG studs reduces your risk of injuries when playing on AG.

Football boots for artificial grass is available at all price points, and i most models and brands. Both kids and adults can find a model that suits their style of play. When buying from Unisport, you can also choose to have your boots personalized. You can have a flag printed? Your name? Your initials? or maybe something completely different - the possibilities is numerous. Stay updated on the innovation, by following our social media channels - Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.