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Roma Home Shirt 2018/19 Vapor

 roma home shirt 2018/19 vapor - football shirts
 roma home shirt 2018/19 vapor - football shirts
Product number: 172287
Style: 918925-677
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Roma Home Shirt 2018/19 Vapor

• Innovative AeroSwift technology
• Vapor Edition - Same shirt as the players are going to use

AeroSwift technology
AeroSwift technology is made from a combination of single and double knitted yarn. The shirt is single knitted in the areas where you need breathability the most and double knitted the areas where you need a more stronger structure. The construction method is so detailed, that the ventilations holes are directly implemented in the shirt from the beginning. The yarn has a textured upper and is also rich, which makes Nike able to use less yarn without the risk of the being transparent. As a result the Vapor shirts with AeroSwift technology are 10% lighter, 50% more stretch and dries 25% quicker than the earlier shirts. The new yarn also have a brushed quality, which makes it very comfortable against the skin.

Nike Dri-FIT
The shirt is made with Nike's Dri-FIT material. The Dri-FIT material is a breathable, quick drying lightweight material, that wicks sweat and moisture away from the body, so you always are kept dry and comfortable. It works by distributing sweat and moisture equally around the material and thereby increasing the body's natural chilling system. The shirt has mesh stripes, which runs along the side of the shirt. The mesh stripes are elastic and will expand when the player is in motion, and thereby the air ventilation will increase.