We have seen boot launch after boot launch lately, and here we go again; and we are certainly not complaining. The Adidas Predator LZ II has now landed in it's second colourway, which looks to be a sure hit. Mostly black with green details that emphasise some of the five deadly zones.

The Adidas Predator LZ has been a huge success, ever since the first generation hit the market in the spring of 2012. We now welcome the successor, which has been adjusted, fine-tuned and trimmed here and there in order to make it the ultimate control boot. We now take a closer look at the new black and green colourway, so come along.

You can, already now, pre-order the Adidas Predator LZ II Black/Ray Green/Running White right here with expected delivery in the beginning of July – just €207.

Adidas has its roots in Germany, and the Germans are very much known for their precise and thorough approach to most things. It is therefore no surprise that the Adidas Predator LZ II takes departure in a collection of statistic and key figures, which have been combined with feedback from professional footballers such as Xavi, Nani, Thomas Müller and Samir Nasri.

On average, a professional footballer has around 60 to 80 ball contacts over a game, which is actually less than one every minute. It is therefore extremely important that you make the best of every touch on the ball in order to control the game, and this it exactly what the Adidas Predator LZ II is designed to help you do. The upper is designed with five lethal zones that each serve a specific purpose to help your play.

Control is the key word when we are looking at the Adidas Predator LZ, and every component on the boot is designed with this in mind. We start off with upper, which is a further development of the Hybridtouch material that we were introduced to with the first generation of the boot. It provides a leather-like comfort, but still has the advantages of synthetic; the weight is kept at a minimum, and it provides the basis for a very sharp and precise touch on the ball.

The five deadly zones cover the entire upper of the boot and serve to ensure that you have full control of the ball, no matter the situation. The zones have gotten a new design that enables them to move in a more natural way in connection with your food, hereby providing the beneficial technologies not matter how you twist and turn your foot.

But exactly how fast does all this technology make you? You no longer have to rely on guessing, as the boot is miCoach compatible. Now you can, similar to the professionals, measure your data from training or games, and see how far you have run, how fast you run and so much more.

The sprintframe sole is something we know quite well by now, and the flexibility it delivers, despite its low weight, is truly impressive. The stud configuration is also one that we know quite well; it is the Traxion 2.0, which is based on triangular studs that are placed on the sole with specific purposes in mind, whether it be acceleration, deceleration or change of direction.

You can, already now, pre-order the Adidas Predator LZ II Black/Ray Green/Running White right here with expected delivery in the beginning of July – just €207.

It will be super exciting to follow the feet of the stars to see if the new Adidas Predator LZ II Black/Ray Green/Running White will be getting player support. What do you think of the new colourway? Feel free to share your opinion in the box below and join in on the debate on Twitter and Facebook.