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      We delivered a pair of boots to Neymar.

      We delivered a pair of boots to Cavani.

      Football Boots

      Here at Unisport we offer a huge selection of football boots. You can find all the latest and best models from brands such as Nike, adidas, PUMA, New Balance, Under Armour, Mizuno, Pantofola d*oro and Joma. We offer football boots at all price points, so no matter if you are looking for the latest top model for artificial grass or a football boot for turf at a sharp price point - you can find it at

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      We delivered a pair of boots to Neymar.

      We delivered a pair of boots to Cavani.

      Since football was invented, the football boot been the main equipment on the track. In the beginning it was not designed the way they are today. It was heavy and big. A cleat today is lightweight and sits tight on the foot. Manufacturers are constantly trying to create a boot that is better than the previous one, resulting in shoes that are great to play with.

      No matter in which division you play, so it's a great advantage to have the right equipment details. When choosing the right soccer shoe, it's a lot about who you are and the shape of your feet. It also depends on how you want the boot to fit and feel. Some like it when the shoe sits comfortable and supportive on foot, this is especially important if one is to train with soccer shoe. Other players prefer to go a little bit of compromise with the comfort of getting a lighter soccer cleat. A lighter soccer cleat can give a sense of freedom and a greater sense of the ball, many prefer to play games with a lighter boot. Everyone has their own needs and it is therefore important to choose the right shoe.

      On our site you have the opportunity to find just the right football shoe that best suits your needs. Here you can find all kinds of soccer boots, from indoor shoes to outdoor soccer, turf and grass, in all price ranges. From top models to the cheaper options, where you do not compromise on quality. From the classic football boots with vintage look and the modern colorful shoes that ensures you do perform at the very best level on the field.

      Do you want a more personal touch on your shoes? Then you can choose to have your own name and flag on soccer shoes - just like the professionals. Remember to set name or artist name on your new shoes with UNIiD. This unique opportunity is only available to those who buy shoes online at Of course we have shoes for both adults and children. Choose shoes that best suits you and your playing style.

      Guide to Choosing the right football boots

      What surfaces do you play on?

      FG (Firm Ground)
      Knobs of plastic, to solid surfaces. These can be used on most natural grass courts. The most popular knob system. Note that FG boots must only be used on FG surfaces.

      AG (Artificial Grass / Artificial turf)
      More and shorter knobs for a smoother grip, with less strain on the foot. You do not lose the right to complain using the on artificial turf.

      SG (Soft Ground / soft surface)
      Consisting of 8-6 metal studs that are longer, for a better grip in wet conditions. Can be used on soft and wet grass courts. This knob system is used by many professional players. Should not be used on hard courts or Astroturf to avoid damage!

      TF (Turf - gravel / earth and older artificial turf)
      Made with an outer rubber sole, for a steady grip on the ground. Can be used on clay courts and older artificial turf. A very durable outsole!

      IC (Indoor Courts / Indoor courts)
      A normal outer soles of rubbe, for a consistent grip on indoor floors. Optimal for futsal or indoor football.

      What features are you looking for?

      Speed ​
      For speed there is two important parameters; weight and traction. Players with speed will always be fast no matter what shoes they have, but good shoes to the fast player is ia adidas X, Nike Mercurial or PUMA evoSPEED.

      Power (Strength)
      For strength, it is important to have a sturdy boots, which gives the foot the ability to bend to a natural position. Good options are PUMA evoPOWER and adidas Ace.

      Comfort is individually, but most people looking for a soft shoe, often with uppers of leather. Here's adidas Ace, Nike Tiempo, PUMA king and New Balance Visaro Pro.

      For good ball control, it is about friction and grip, as well as a good contact between the shoe and ball. Go for shoes with elements of ball control as adidas Ace, Nike Magista or PUMA evoPOWER.

      How much does the boot weight?

      Weight is an important factor for how the shoe feels. Lighter soccer gives you the feeling of being faster, while heavier soccer gives you the feeling of being better protected. It is a matter of personal preference and both ends of the scale has its benefits.

      Selection of materials

      Appearances are often the most comfortable material. Kangaroo leather is the most exclusive material but calfskin is soft and good option, while being highly durable. Remember to care for your shoes well if you want them to last longer!

      Synthetic uppers of soccer boot is becoming more and more normal. Most synthetic uppers are lighter, thinner and have a longer life than uppers of leather. Synthetic uppers have also become softer and more comfortable in recent years. The big brands like Nike and adidas have developed synthetic shoes with the aim to emulate the softness of leather shoes, but with less water absorption.

      Football boots of knit woven from synthetic threads. They knitted uppers are the future of football and offers a fit that feels like to wear socks. Shoes that are made of elastic found in among the top models from adidas and Nike.

      Treat your football boots with love!

      Proper boot care
      If you take good care of your shoes, then they will last longer. Whichever uppers you have on your shoes, they should be cleaned after each use and air dry with a piece of newsprint, for all water will be sucked up.

      Leather boots
      Boots with uppers of leather should be treated with a special leather care, approximately once a month. Use special leather care and apply about an amount the size of a fingernail per shoe and let it penetrate for 24 hours. Dry off the fat and so they are ready for use again.

      Toe of the sole
      Always clean your shoe soles after use with a soft brush and remove all soil and grass from knobs and unevenness on the sole.

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