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Written by Zlatko

Either you love or hate artificial grass, but one thing is certain and that’s that it’s becoming a new standard in football. The increased amount of artificial grass pitches means that there’s a larger need for AG boots, but don’t worry! We, us at Unisport, got you covered as usual.

Artificial pitches

We are seeing an increased amount of artificial grass pitches in the Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Norway. You might not find that many teams that still plays on firm grass, due to the colder temperatures in the countries. Therefore, it is also important to get AG boots, so you can get the job done the best possible way.

AG boots

We would always recommend you to get AG boots for artificial grass, due to the boots are designed specifically for this purpose. The AG boots are made with shorter, hollow studs for more even grip with less strain on the joints and knees.

Artificial grass is made from plastic and with rubber granulates. Furthermore, the pitches are also made with a harder surface than firm grass pitches. If you play with regular FG boots on artificial grass, then you would experience that you get hard shocks through your joints, which could lead to bad injuries. That’s why AG boots are equipped with the latest and most innovative technologies, making the trip to the artificial pitches more comfortable.

Nike AG boots

Nike is known for making some of the best AG boots for artificial grass, due to you get the best possible tool for the job. There are a lot of other brands who also make AG boots, but many of them make hybrid solepaltes which makes the boots FG/AG, so they could be used for both firm grass and artificial grass. This also means that you don’t get the pure AG boot and all it’s cool features. We would always recommend you to get AG boots for artificial grounds if you mainly play on AG pitches, and have few games on FG pitches.

If you are looking for some new AG boots, then why not take a look at the Nike Raised on Concrete Pack, which includes more than 20 different AG boots, all from Elite price points to Academy price points.

FG/AG boots from adidas and PUMA

As mentioned briefly, some brands also make FG/AG boots, which can be used for both artificial grass pitches and firm ground pitches. If you are looking for FG/AG boots, then you should check out adidas football boots or PUMA football boots, which are the two brands that make the most innovative boots for both surfaces.

But why choose FG/AG boot? Well, in many cases you experience that you play on artificial pitches just as much as you play on firm ground pitches, which means that you can settle for a pair of FG/AG boots. FG/AG boots comes with a mixtured studs, so you get as good a grip on AG pitches as well as on FG pitches.

AG boots for kids

It’s important that kids also get the best possible tools for when playing on the harder surface. We also have a huge selection of AG boots for kids. We have AG boots for kids at different price points and sizes. You can AG boots for kids made with the same technologies as the pros or made with the similar design and get value for your money.

Get ready for your AG football season with Unisport and our large selection of AG boots.