See the Mizuno exhibition at the Unisport Flagship Store


Written by Zlatko

The World’s Best Football Store, which is Unisports Flagship Store, is located in the heart of Copenhagen. The Flagship Store is more than just a store, it is at the moment a meeting place, where you can see a big Mizuno exhibition. Something that I would bet you never have seen before.

Mizuno exhibition

If you haven’t visited our Flagship Store, then we surely have something that would make you visit it. We are currently running a Mizuno exhibition in the Flagship Store. We have redesigned our entire staircase into a Mizuno museum where you can walk past some of the most iconic boots or see the latest quality boots from Mizuno.

Besides the great exhibition of legendary boots, we also have a tablet besides the staircase, where you can swipe through Mizuno’s history and the boot’s technology and design. Are you a football lover, and does the exihibition sound like something you would like to experience, then visit our store and explore the Mizuno exhibition.

Mizuno’s history

Many football lovers know the name, but few actually know who Mizuno are and what they make. Mizuno is known of producing quality football boots, which they have done since the 80’s. They have also been the favourite boot brand of the Brazilian national team throughout many years, and we even saw that Rivaldo became World Champions with the Morelia Wave Cup boots.

Mizuno combines craftsmanship with quality, as they product their Made in Japan football boots by hand and only with the best materials. You might start thinking of heavy leather boots, but Mizuno is differently. You get a boot that only weights impressive 180 grams and is made from premium kangaroo leather.

Mizuno Satisfaction Guaranteed

As something new Unisport together with Mizuno offers you the so-called: Mizuno Satisfaction Guaranteed. You can now try some of the latest Mizuno boots and return them back for a full refund. You can try out the boots at training, play a match or just run around with your friends playing for fun. If the boot doesn’t meet your expectations, then you can send them back again. Does this sound like something you would like to try? Then get your new Mizuno boots here! Or read more about the Mizuno Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our Flagship Store is constantly getting updated, so hurry by our Flagship Store to see the Mizuno museum before we change the exhibition to something new!