Nike's legendary lightweight boot, the Mercurial Vapor, is created for speed; and with this new Hi-Vis colourway there is a good chance that all your opponent will see is a purple/volt coloured flash of light. We have taken a closer look at the speed boot and it's new colourway right here.

If you're a fast player, then you also need a boot that is full of explosive speed. Nike's Mercurial Vapor IX is an institution in the boot world, and now the renowned lightweight boot gets a Hi-Vis colour update, which surely doesn't make less attention demanding and a treat for the eye with its purple and volt neon colour.

This ninth generation of the noew legendary Mercurial collection has already made an impressive mark in the speed boot market. With just 185 grams, it weighs substantially less than most boots, yet Nike have still managed to innovate and improve the boot with revolutionising technologies such as Speed Control and ACC.

If you want the brand new colourway of the speed boot, Nike Mercurial Vapor IX, then you can pre-order the boot right here – just €192.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor IX is known as a boot for the player who is not afraid to have the attention on the pitch. Players who have the courage to make the cheeky moves and who are constantly looking to get the ball. This is a perfect match for the Hi-Vis collection, which is all about standing out in the crowd and not being afraid of being the centre of attention.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor IX has brought with it lots of the features from its popular predecessor, but with the update there was also lots of small, but very important, adjustments and tweaks. You never change a winning team, as the saying goes, but even though the changes are slight, they together make up a big difference, which is what makes the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX one of Nike's most advanced speed boots ever.

The upper has, as previously mentioned, changed a lot and this can be seen with the small dimples in the upper, which can now be found all over the boot. This is a technology, which Nike call Speed Control and as the name implies, it is made to improve control, when dribbling at high speed.

The eternal struggle with the weather gods always takes its toll on your grip on the ball, something that is especially apparent when playing in wet weather. Nike have however come up with a solution for this and they call it ACC. It stands for All Conditions Control and it is a technology, they have incorporated into the upper during production. This means you get the same grip in wet conditions, as you would otherwise have in dry weather.

The boots outsole has also seen a few changes, when compared to the Vapor VIII. Here Nike used to have a double layer of fibreglass underneath the midfoot, but just a single layer underneath the front foot. On the Vapor IX, they have gone for a double layer in the entire outsole, which makes for good responsiveness and flexibility.

With the stud-configuration Nike have also gone for the revolutionising. With just two studs on the heel, the thought is that you will penetrate the ground quicker and kick off with explosive speed. Some would argue that the two studs are too unstable, but you can't dispute they work well for the one thing that really matters with the Mercurial Vapor: Speed, speed and more speed!

If you want the brand new colourway of the speed boot, Nike Mercurial Vapor IX, then you can pre-order the boot right here – just €192.

With the latest colourway for the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX you can really stand out on the pitch, even when going at full throttle. The boot is designed for the player, who dares to stand out and trusts his own qualities. If you want to take a closer look at the other boots, which also stand out in Nike's Hi-Vis collection, then you can click the banner down below and go directly to our campaign-site.

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With the purple and green colours Nike's speed boot has been given an impressive colour update, which makes the boot even more eye-catching. What do you think about the Nike Mercurial Vapor's newest paint job? Is it the boot for you? We would love to hear what you think in the comment-section down below, or on Facebook and Twitter.