Meet the new Nike Mercurial | Packed with innovations


Written by William

Say hello to the newest versions of the world’s most innovative boots: the Nike Mercurials. It gives you a complete Flyknit upper with the new High Tenacity yarn. It’s another great step from Nike. And they’re giving us not just one but two colorways. Let’s take a closer look at the boots here!

Since the first Mercurial, Nike has provided the fastest players on earth with the fastest boots – which means lightweight, no nonsense and bold design. Nike have once again given us a pack with these criteria.

The new Mercurials are bold in their design and has taken inspiration from the very popular Nike Element React 87 sneaker. This can be seen in the Swoosh logo and the raw details around the upper. Nike wanted to incorporate some more technical features in the the new boot. Normally the Mercurial is in a very clean and simple design. But not anymore.

Today Nike has released two colorways – a blue and a black. Take a further look with us!

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We will start by looking at the upper of the boots. It consists of the Flyknit but also the so called P16 yarn and the High Tenacity yarn. These are both lighter and stronger than yarns previously used, which means that your foot will be locked down even better than before.

Nike has increased the performance of the NIKESKIN upper – the thinnest to date. The Flyknit and the NIKESKIN works together to give the boot a 3D texture, which will increase the touch and feel on the ball. This is a part of the minimalistic theme that has always been a part of the Mercurial boots through history. No elements are bolted on the upper. It’s just about the perfect touch. And of course, the upper also contains the All Conditions Control (ACC) coating that gives you the best touch in all weather conditions.

The design of the upper is something else. Nike has dropped the Swoosh a bit, so it dips underneath the boot. This is inspired by several sneakers from Nike. You will also see that there’s a lot more text added to the back of the boots with the Mercurial and the Just Do It logo. This makes the boots a lot different from the earlier models of Mercurial boots. The new NIKESKIN has a color shift element to it. You can see the colors changing under lights or in your hand. We hope to see more of this in future from Nike.

Once again Nike has done it. They keep on innovating and challenging the traditions of boot designs and technologies. We can’t wait to see the new Mercurials on the feet of Ronaldo, Mbappé and all the other superstars.

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