Nike Nuovo White | Round 2 of 2


Written by Milan

Nike are ready with a part II of the Nuovo White Pack, as it will include the Mercurial Superfly and Vapor as well as the Phantom Vision and Venom edition, thereby completing the pack. If you’ve missed white boots, you’re up for a treat.

Last time we heard about Nuovo White was when Nike released the Tiempo Legend 8 Nuovo White boots a couple of months ago. Now it’s time to introduce the Mercurial and Phantom to the pack - the two missing links, which surely will give a feeling of fulfillment. Appreciate the pictures of the boots we be believe are whiter than ever before we continue.

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As the name insinuates, the new Nuovo White Pack embraces an all white colourway for the two new additions, the Mercurial and Phantom silos. In fact, the name ‘Nuovo’ signifies ‘new’ in Latin, implying that it’s a new, white colourway. Quite symbolic, considering that the boots are new and carried out in a fresh and clean white colour. Let’s go through all four of them step by step.

Besides mostly being white, the Mercurial Superfly 7 incorporates several silver/chrome details, which for instance is seen on one side of the boot where the famous ‘Merc’ print is carried out in a chrome colour. This also applies to the other side of the boot where you can see the ‘Just Do It’ trademark - as on many of the last Superfly 7 versions, but this time finished in the same chrome tint, whereas the ‘Swoosh’ is made with a silverish and iridescent colour which is strongly noticeable.

Next on we have the Vapor 13 edition from the Mercurial silo, and boy this one is dazzling, especially around the ‘Merc’ and ‘Just Do It’ prints on the sides. As one the Superfly, the ‘Swoosh’ is finished in a mesmerizing silverish/chrome colour. A flashy yet elegant boot to show of.

The Mercurials are followed by the Phantoms, and if we start off with the Nuovo White Vision , this one is fitted with the smart Ghost Lace System, allowing the cleanest possible touch on the football. It has a somewhat futuristic but nonetheless cool look, while being remarkably white.

By wraping the pack up, last but not least we have the Phantom Venom Nuovo White. One’s first impression might be ‘wauw, this one has a lot of details, compared to the other boots from the pack'. And it does. First of all the toebox encompasses small dimples - a microstructure which will increase friction and give you better control. The next noticeable detail may perhaps be the Nike ‘Swoosh’. It’s carried out in the same silverish/chrome colour, however, to give it a lively and ‘spiky’ look, it’s made from innovative tech flex technologies. Finally, the ‘Just Do It’ trademark is printed all over the one side of the heel followed by the Nike logo and ‘Phantom’ being slightly noticeable on the other side of the boot.

As blue, yellow and black are mostly the dominant colours at the moment, we can’t wait to see athletes younger than 98/97 endorse the Nuovo White Pack when the Champions League rolls out.

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