Emojis on football boots | Here's what you've been waiting for


Written by Morten

A picture paints a thousand words - that's probably why more than 6 billion emojis are being sent worldwide every single day. At Unisport we have therefore decided to give you the possibility to express your emotions on your football boots with your favorite emoji. You can now order your boots with your name and emoji/flag and get the full #unisportlife experience.

We have regularly been asked if it is possible to receive the newly ordered boots with an emoji instead of a flag. It has unfortunately not been possible to accommodate those requests - until now! Thanks to our partners we are now able to fulfill your wish. Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think!

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With an emoji on your football boots you can now easily express your personality and emotions. Let your opponents know who they're up against or express your feelings towards your loved ones. This is now possible, thanks to our new emoji-selection:

Are you as fast as lightning? Why not get the ⚡ emoji?

Are you a born champion? Get your boots with the 🏆 emoji!

Are you the king of the pitch? Let your oppnents know with the 👑 emoji!

Are you fyling over the pitch with explosive speed? Then your choice should be 💥!

These are only a couple of examples of our emoji-selection. In order to see them all and receive your boots with an emoji, you simply need to find the desired pair and choose the size you need. On the next page you will be asked about how you would like to personalize your boots and you will see our full selection of emojis! Choose the emoji from the drop-down menu and confirm. Once your order is placed, you just need to lean back and let us handle the rest!

So what are you waiting for? Get your new pair of football boots at Unisport and receive them with your favorite Emoji.