Inspired by players | New colour for PhantomVSN 2


Written by William

It’s time for yet another colour update from Nike. The boots that are made for the best creators on the pitches around the world have gotten a fresh new look!

We saw the first PhantomVSN 2 when the Nike Future Lab and Nike Kinetic Black boots were released in the middle of January. We saw a brand new design on the silo which has been the same since the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Now we will get the third colourway of the Phantom Vision. And this time it is inspired by the players that create the unexpectable and control the game from the center of the pitch. Let's take a moment and look at the pictures and we will talk about the techs afterwards:

Continued below the pictures

The boot is made in three colours - white, black and pink. A great combination of contrasts. The ghost lace cover has white details in the black material, which will be even more visible when wearing the boots and the material stretches.

The back of the heel is covered in pink dimples and with a pink Nike Swoosh as well. The pink colour continues on the laces. The soleplate is white and and blends in perfectly with the white part of the upper. The studs are made in the very visible pink.

Techwise the PhantomVSN 2 has not changed since the first two colourways. The upper material is made in Flyknit that will give you a nice and grippy feel when you are dribbling for better ball control. It also has the All Conditions Control (ACC) to help you in all weather conditions. This is great when you want to take control of the game on a wet pitch.

The Ghost Lacing System also has the newly added pull tap. This will help you slide into the boots much easier than before.

We will see a player like Kevin De Bruyne wear these boots when playing for Manchester City compete in the Premier League and for Belgium. The boots will also be worn by Marco Verratti, Casemiro and many more players who have precision at their main weapon.

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