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Written by Lasse

We’ve all been indoors for a while now. You’ve probably watched every show and movie on every streaming platform out there, and played an enormous amount of FIFA. And now you find yourself in the middle of another week of indoor-activities. What should you do? Well, we got the answer: Watch our WebTV-videos with the biggest stars! #footballathome

I guess we aren’t the only ones finding these times difficult. We can’t play football outdoors and we can’t watch football indoors, because everything is postponed. We’re really craving for something about football in the TV. We miss seeing Messi dribbling 5 players and score in the top-corner. We miss seeing Cristiano jump 3 meters up in the air and make wild headers. We miss seeing Mbappé run as fast as the speed of light and say goodbye to the defenders, just to chip it over the goalkeeper and score. God, we miss seeing our role models and idols week in and week out.

But stay calm - we are here to save you! Our WebTV-guys have fortunately met a lot of these guys in recent times. They have interviewed, played and challenged guys like CR7, Messi, Hazard, Griezmann, Agüero, Lewandowski, Mbappé and many more! So, if you’re craving to see your idols and miss seeing the best footballers in the world, then sit back, relax and enjoy, because here are 5 videos with the biggest stars in the world, made by our WebTV crew.

Video 1: Cristiano Ronaldo Interview

We kick this WebTV and chill-session off with an interview of none other than the GOAT. Or let’s say, one of them at least. Not that long ago, JayMike met Cristiano Ronaldo for a talk about the newest Nike Mercurial. They also talked about the keys to Cristiano’s success and he gave some advice for young, talented and hungry players out there who dream of making it as a pro, just like CR7 did himself. Enjoy!

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Video 2: Lionel Messi Juggle Challenge

Now that we’ve talked to CR7, it would be odd if we didn’t move on to his arch enemy and forever rival - Lionel Messi. But we didn’t just want to talk to Messi - nah, we wanted to challenge him. In this video, we therefore challenge Lionel Messi to juggle a football, golf ball, tennis ball and his football boots - only to test Messi's legendary football skills and see how well he can control different objects with his feet. Can Lionel Messi juggle everything? Well, find out by watching the video below.

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Video 3 - Mbappé interview

While we’re talking about GOAT’s, let's talk to a guy who probably could become a GOAT in the future. If he continues his development, we think everything is possible for this humble guy. We’re of course talking about Kylian Mbappé. In this interview, Kylian explains how he always had talent, but that he also got lucky and met the right people at the right time. He gives an exclusive look into how he became the player, he is today and we also discuss what he would do if he wasn’t a football player. Generally, he gives us an insight in some of the things we don’t normally hear professional footballer and world superstars talk about.

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Video 4: Lewandowski shooting challenge

It’s time for another challenge! And this time it’s a shooting challenge. If you could pick one striker in the world to a shooting challenge, you would probably pick Robert Lewandowski. So this time, we’ve really put JayMike to the test, as he goes head to head with one of the best strikers in the world, in what we call the ‘Lewandowski vs Unisport shooting challenge’. First, JayMike takes on Lewandowski in a two-touch finishing challenge and afterwards in the one-touch bouncing ball shooting challenge. Can you guess who wins? Find out if your guess is right, below.

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Video 5: Jürgen Klopp Interview

At Unisport we don’t just idolize football players. We also got some managers as role models! One of them is of course the happy German Jürgen Klopp. In this interview, we talk to the Liverpool boss about how he prepares his team for a match and what it means for a football manager and football player to play in a team. Being fortunate enough to manage a Liverpool team full of talent, Jürgen Klopp has transformed The Reds from being strong going forward and leaky in the back, to also having a very solid defensive organisation. Find out his secrets in this interview.

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These 5 videos are just some of the many many videos that our WebTV-guys has made. The list is very long, and it could also have featured a video of Dybala, Ronaldinho, Verratti, Salah, Isco, Gnabry, Hazard, Sterling and Virgil Van Dijk - just to name a few. You can find all those meetings and interviews on our YouTube-channel, and remember to subscribe in order to get notified whenever a new star-meeting arrives.

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Remember to train on your own, even though it can be difficult in these times