If you think you’re hallucinating, then it’s mission complete for Puma. Right boot is pink, the left is blue and together they make up a pair. At the World Cup it’s all about standing out and Puma are certainly looking to do just that. Therefore they present the new Tricks-collection for the evoSPEED and evoPOWER. We take a look at the evoSPEED here.

Puma are not scared of doing the unexpected. Actually they consciously seek it, every time they present something new to the world. With the Tricks-collection Puma live up to the ambition in style, with the release of a pair of boots, where the two boots are different colours. These boots are the result of Puma’s World Cup campaign “The Nature of Believing”.

You can find our Puma evoSPEED boots right here.

And that is exactly what these boots are supposed to reflect – the players' natural self belief and the will to stand out from the crowd and make history. And with this two-coloured pair of football boots, the Puma stars will definitely not have to worry about disappearing in the crowd.

Sergio Agüero is among those who will be wearing the evoSPEED Tricks during the World Cup and he very much into the atypical design: “I am always happy to stand out on the pitch. Usually I try to do so by scoring a goal, but why not play safe and wear an unusual pair of football boots? Jokes aside, I love my evoSPEED boots in these crazy colours and I cannot wait to go to Brazil, I really believe this will be a big moment for me.”

You can find our Puma evoSPEED boots right here.

On the more technical side, nothing much has changed with the Puma lightweighter. The focus is still on the three key areas: Light weight, flexibility and fit. They managed to combine all of this via a number of different technologies.

First and foremost, this evoSPEED comes with a Japanese synthetic material, which both ensures an increased ball control, as well as a super comfy and lock-down fit.

You can find our Puma evoSPEED boots right here.

Puma make use of an anatomically developed last, which provides a snug fit that wraps itself around your foot as you wear the boot. In addition, the latest evoSPEED generation is a bit pointy around the forefoot, in order to meed the players need for a nice and tight fit.

The upper emulates leather very well, yet Puma have also managed to equip the football boot with a technology that serves to ensure a better ball grip. It is the Puma GripTex technology, and for this model, Puma have altered the texture of it a little, meaning that it now has more of a 'zigzag' pattern instead of the bumpy texture of previous models. A result of the feedback Puma have gotten from their players.

In order to keep the comfort level top shelf, Puma have gone with an anatomically correctly shaped last that follows your toes in a unique way, and hereby can provide a nice fit right out the box. Moreover, Puma have equipped the evoSPEED 1.2 football boot with their EverFit Cage technology on the inside of the upper. At serves as the skeleton in the boot, which adds stability to the upper, so the boot will keep your foot in place.

One of the most important elements in a lightweight boot is the sole and the stud configuration. In order to obtain the optimal acceleration, it requires that you utilise the maximum energy from your kick-off, and here Puma certainly have their prerequisites in order. One should not forget that the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, is a part of the Puma family.

You can find our Puma evoSPEED boots right here.

Therefore, they have also passed on some of their knowledge from their running shoes to their football boots and developed a Speed Track outsole that works as the backbone of the sole and increase the freedom of movement in the boots by combining flexibility and stability.

They further add to it by making the sole of PEBAX materials, which can be made were thin to keep the weight at a minimum. This material provides the player with optimal flexibility under the fore foot, so the foot can move freely and naturally in the football boot.

In addition, Puma have added their DuoFlex technique, which is a range of flex grooves under the sole that ensure you a rapid kick-off to your acceleration, as well as provide the stability needed under your midfoot.

You can find our Puma evoSPEED selection right here.

At first we thought that Puma had gone a little crazy, and were joking with us; but as we realised that that they were serious, we couldn't help but be very excited for the concept. It will surely be interesting to see these Tricks in action on the feet of stars like Agüero, Balotelli, Fabregas and Giroud. What do you think of the Puma Tricks? Are they playing with you?