The Nike Magista Obra is the result of four years of development and innovation, and according to Nike, the Magista with its Flyknit upper and Dynamic Fit Collar will revolutionise the way that we think football. We have had the Magista Obra through our test – and now the verdict is here.

At the launch event for the new Nike Magista Obra in Barcelona, the world was introduced to a range of new Nike technologies, which will revolutionise football according to the Americans. We got to take the Magista for a quick spin at the event, and since then we have hardly been able to wait to thoroughly test the football boot.

Now we have finally had the opportunity, and therefore we are now ready to bring you our review of the Nike Magista Obra. Jakob has been wearing the football boot through all kinds of weather conditions, and has really gotten to know the Magista very well – and we can already now reveal that the mood was quite good as it was time for the verdict.

Here you can hear if the Magista Obra has been able to live up to the enormous expectations that both Jakob and Joltter have had for the football boots, since they tried it for the first time at the Magista launch in Barcelona. Furthermore, Jakob explains why, in his opinion, the fit is its biggest force and the true revolution. Hear more about this and much much in the review video above.

The feeling surrounding the Nike Magista Obra is certainly also very good, and we are many who are looking forward to see it land in our warehouse and ship it out to all of you who are joining the team Magista.

Are you looking to get your hands on the Magista, you can find the full collection right here

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