PUMA King Platinum | New ‘golden’ colourway for the King


Written by Sandra

We can by all means say that PUMA is in their golden age and that appears in the newest colourway for the King silo.

”The Golden age”

It’s surely the golden age of PUMA as they are surely at the top of their game right now. You might call them King of leather as well with this newest colorway of their King Platinum silo. You might remember the golden King remake - King Torero 35 year anniversary boot. But now it’s time for a newer and lighter boot in gold - the PUMA King Platinum. It’s not just one new colour, it’s two whole new colourways. White/gold and black/gold - Take a look at what PUMA thinks of these new beauties, and afterwards we’ll talk about them underneath the pictures.

PUMA’s words on the new colourway:

“Legends aren’t born. Legends are made. Pulling from the wealth of footballing heritage and forward-thinking design, the new KING Platinum is made for the modern playmaker. The signature K-leather in classic black or white is paired with a premium tooling design to deliver pure elegance and sophistication, on and off the ball.”

PUMA King Platinum

The new colourway for the King Platinum silo is at the top of the coolest colourways of the silo. The boots come in either white or black with a gold soleplate. You can easily stun your opponent with these golden soleplates, when he sees the dust from behind you.

In our opinion, you can surely say that this is one of the lightest and most sleek King boots ever. But how can it be light if it’s leather?

Well, as mentioned earlier, PUMA is the king of leather and has made the fantastic K-leather lighter, so light that we would probably rank the boot as a speed boot. The PUMA King Platinum is an updated and lighter version of the classic PUMA King and the K-leather will help you provide you with superior comfort and an incredible fit. And the golden soleplate just makes it even better - doesn’t it?

Are you eager to get your hands on one of these boots - then you can find them right here