Neymar’s boots for Copa América | PUMA launches new Future Z


Written by Sandra

Copa América will take place this summer. And what better way to celebrate this than giving one of the biggest stars his own pair of boots? Check out the new Future Z today!

PUMA really opened our eyes when they launched the first Future Z in December 2020 and gave new life to the Future silo. It featured a new fit, a grippy texture and it was promoted by one of the best players in the world - Neymar.

Now it’s time for a very limited and special edition of the Future Z. This summer we will see the battle of South America in the 2021 Copa América. And Brazil will of course participate as one of the favourites for the title. One of the reasons being that they have Neymar on the team. And he will not only stand out because of his hairstyle and crazy skills. No, he will also wear a very special pair of football boots - a pair of Future Z inspired by Brazil!

Take a look at the boots and let’s talk about them afterwards.

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The boots have a white base - just like the launch colourway of the Future Z. But it has a lot of colours and details that resemble the Brazilian flag and national team - Seleção! The PUMA logo on the toe box is blue. And the FUZIONFIT+ compression band on the midfoot is kept in yellow to resemble the Brazilian colours. The ‘FUTURE’ print is also in blue, green and yellow to fit with the theme.

The technologies are the same as we’ve seen before. Besides the FUZIONFIT+ band, we also have the Dynamic Motion outsole which will give Neymar the best possibilities to play around on pitch and show off his amazing dribbles and skills. And the soft upper also contains the famous Grip Control to help him keep the ball as close to the foot as possible - always!

The new boots are very limited - only 500 pairs worldwide! And they will only be worn by Neymar Jr. But of course you can cop them at Unisport. If you want to get your hands on a pair of the Neymar boots, then today is your lucky day.

Find the new Neymar Future Z boots right here.