Barcelona away shirt 2021/22 | Read more about the purple explosion


Written by Sandra

Barcelona are well known for their away shirts, there’s always something special about them - and this time is no excuse. It’s purple and it’s filled with details - Learn more about the story behind the new away shirt.

Tots Units Fem Força - Together Stronger

Maybe you’ve heard this phrase before and if not, then we can tell you that it’s from the club anthem. The shirt is based on this phrase combined with Generation Z. Nike listened and learned from the Gen Z community within the city - they want togetherness, inclusivity and human connection. Barcelona is a city with an inclusive voice. It is a modern city. They want to have more connections to the club.

With these learnings, Nike wanted to create a look that incorporated the desire from the youth of the city with the iconic colours and DNA of FC Barcelona. The unique purple look is inspired by women’s empowerment. Read more about why and which specific details were added to the shirt, below the pictures.

Check out the crazy shirt and read more below the pictures!

Continued below pictures

The shirt is made in a unique look in purple with iridescent details. It’s primarily purple, with blue and red stripes on each side. But there’s something about the logos on the shirt. They’re bold and shiny - they have an iridescent feature that combines gold, navy and red, referring to the rainbow flag, which stands for diversity.

But that’s not all - If you look closely at the shirt, you will see some stripes on the fabric. These stripes actually feature the phrase “Tots Units Fem Força”, whereas the original masculine version is included in the stripes on one side and the female version on the other side.

We sure love it when a shirt has so many hidden details and we can’t wait to see Messi in action with this new away shirt!

If you can’t get enough of the new Barcelona away shirt 2021/22 - then you can cop it right here!