Tottenham away shirt 21/22 | Nike launches something different for Tottenham


Written by Sandra

A first from Nike - a black shirt for Spurs. But it isn’t the black colour that stands out - it’s the colourful graphic print. Read more about it here!

Tottenham away shirt 2021/22

The new Tottenham away shirt for the 2021/22-season represents Tottenham in a way that embodies its creative spirit. A community that is unique in its cultural diversity; 11 square miles, within which 13% of young Londoners live and over 200 languages are spoken. It is well documented that Tottenham has had its dark days, but through that darkness, intense creativity has emerged. This young community represents an emerging new generation of diversity and creativity. The shirt celebrates that melting pot and the new wave of future creators.

As we mentioned above, this is the first time ever that Nike have made a black shirt for the Spurs. But we also mention that it’s not the black colour that stands out on this shirt. The black colour is actually just the base of the shirt. So let’s just move on to the more eye-catching graphical print, which has taken over the entire shirt, except on the authentic shirt - here there’ll be a large plain black rectangle on the back (probably for your favourite players name and number). But let’s get back to the design - it’s made in multiple colours and it actually almost looks like space - don’t you think?

To top it off, Nike made both the Nike logo, the crest and the sponsor logos venom green. This definitely fulfilled the design of the shirt.

You can buy the shirt at Unisport NOW, by clicking right here!