It’s challenge time again in Christmas in Unisport and after yesterday’s FIFA game looked like something JayMike had the upper hand in, today’s episode is one that PWG and Luca will dominate! It’s the Trick Shot challenge, where the WebTV boys team up to create a compilation of the best tricks shot they could pull off in an afternoon. It’s somewhere in the greyzone between insanely epic and pretty cheesy. Well worth the watch!

You’ve gotta see some of the Christmas in Unisport tricks shots to believe them, because some of them and especially the first and the last one completely defy logic! The first shot is the very first take they did at all. They just showed up and that’s what Luca did to get things started - ooooooooookay then!

If you love some fancy flicks and tricks then today’s Christmas in Unisport episode is a must watch. Watch PWG and Luca tear it up, while JayMike has to watch on from the sidelines, because he sucks at this type of thing.