It’s a special day for Unisport, because today marks the first day of our brand new series of freestyle tutorials. We have brought in one of the world’s very best freestylers, to teach JayMike and the rest of us a bunch of tricks. We start things off slowly with: Heel hit/Crossing heel hit

Phillip Warren Geertsson. Or PWG. Remember the name, because in the future he will be your go to guy, if you want to learn new tricks. PWG is a full-blooded freestyler and to introduce him properly, we asked him a few questions about the life of a freestyler.

Have you always been good at freestyling? Nope, before I started, I was a regular football player. Not very technical.

What do you love the most with freestyling? The freedom to do whatever you want!

What do you have to do to become a good freestyler? Motivation, inspiration and patience!

What is your ambition with these tutorials? To get more people interested in freestyle and to educate people on what freestyle actually is.

What can we expect from your tutorials? In depth explanations on how to do the fundamental tricks in freestyle. So that you can get started for real!

What is freestyle actually? Damn, tough question .. It is the art of controlling a football with your body. Sounds weird haha..

We can’t wait to get going with these tutorials and we know PWG feels the same. Check out the video above, which will be the first of many. Which trick would you like to master the most?