Picking the right indoor shoes can be an absolute jungle. There are so many variations from so many brands, who all offer different things. Do you want what resembles your regular football boots the most, or would you rather use something completely specialised for indoor play? It’s a tough question and to help you figure it out, we will be taking a look at all the brands different options these next few days. We kick things off by looking at Joma and their futsal shoes.

Joma are definitely among the very elite, when it comes to indoor and futsal shoes. They have spent a lot of time focusing solely on the improvement of their futsal models, which absolutely shows in the result. The Joma Super Regate, Skin Regate and Free 1.0 shoes are all made to accommodate different aspects of the fast paced and technical futsal game and we will take at what makes these shoes such a great pick, if you’re going to be playing indoor, or futsal this winter.

If you play futsal or ask anyone who does, then chances are you will have encountered a pair of Joma shoes, because they are very well regarded and for good reason too. Joma are the original dons of the indoor courts, but the shoes we have zeroed in on in this blog post do however have some newer elements about them.

Having complete freedom of movement is key to them and all three models are made with this in mind. The materials are all incredibly flexible, as is the SALA 2014 soleplate that all the shoes are based on, so you are never restricted in your movements and can utilise your full range to decimate defenders. Building a flexible shoe is however the easy part, making sure they still have the right balance and stability is the true key and here the new Joma technologies work wonders. The woven synthetic upper on the Skin Regate is a great example of how Joma have achieved this.

There is no going wrong with the JOMA models, because all are made with technologies of the very highest order - find them right here.

Wearing Joma shoes is definitely something that will catch people’s attention, because not only is the brand completely unique so are the designs of their shoes. There are plenty of reasons to make these your weapon of choice, but which one will you be going for?