Winter is coming. There is no way around it and soon the weather conditions will start making football, not impossible, but very impractical. Luckily adidas have your back covered, if you are one of the many footballers who chooses to go play indoor football, or use artificial grass cages, when the weather gets cold and days darker. Introducing the Primeknit Ace15 Cage and Primeknit X15 Court...

Having boots and shoes with quality of the very highest order for all surfaces is crucial these days. Adidas are at the very forefront of football technology, so naturally also have a selection of shoes that are made to dominate on indoor courts and artificial grass. The German brand now elevate those boots to the next level with the introduction of Primeknit on the Ace15 Cage and the X15 Court.

Earlier today adidas introduced Primeknit to their regular football boots and now it’s time for their multisurface revolution to follow suit. The material is made to give you sock-like comfort, but without compromising on the all important stability. That the stability remains is arguably even more important on the Court and Cage models, as the quick small-sided game often requires this to an even higher degree.

If you aren’t quite ready for the winter months, then you can find the new adidas Court and Cage Primeknit models right here.

The revolution has now made its way to all surfaces, so it doesn’t matter where you will be playing your football this autumn and winter, you will have the ultimate tools for the job. Now all you need to do is decide whether you are the explosive player who thrives on chaos and uses the X15 Court, or if you are the controlled player, who runs the show in the Ace15 Cage.

The comfortable Primeknit upper meets the advanced adidas X15 and Ace15 soles, which are ready for the indoor and court season. Which of the two surfaces do you play on the most?